Lauren Cauley, Violinist and Teacher

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See below for lesson details and testimonials from parents and students.

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Lesson Details

Lessons are split into three parts: scales, etudes, and solo repertoire supplemented with music theory knowledge, improvisation, and ear-training activities. For my youngest students I teach rhythms, note names, and reading music through games and songs. With experience teaching pre-K through the collegiate level and beyond, I specialize in teaching intermediate and advanced level students.

As a teacher, I am constantly re-evaluating and adapting my teaching methods on-the-spot in order to patiently, enthusiastically, and creatively introduce and reinforce concepts in a manner tailored to each student. In addition to equipping my students with proper violin technique and nurturing their musical integrity, my commitments as a teacher are to empower and assist my students in developing their communication skills and confidence, instill a lasting curiosity for learning, and foster a genuine love for the imaginative and expressive capabilities of music. 


Testimonials from Parents and Students

“Lauren is a terrific violin instructor – we absolutely love her! My daughter feels relaxed during her lesson and at ease asking for help or clarification on her pieces. My daughter has learned so much from Lauren, from proper technique to note reading to rhythms, which has greatly enhanced her performance. Lauren always uses positive reinforcement during her lessons, and is always willing to try new techniques to make the lesson time even more effective . But, what’s most important, is that my daughter always has fun during her lesson. While she may not always be so enthusiastic to practice at home, she never ever complains about going to her lesson with Lauren. She knows that Lauren will always provide her with a great experience. We’re lucky to have found her!” – Vienna M.

“I have been taking lessons from Lauren for three years now. I have to say, at first I felt very intimidated by the instrument; being 25 years old at the time believing only children can pick up the instrument and succeed. However, Lauren made the learning process very easy and comfortable. She definitely broke the misconception that adults cannot learn to play well. I hope to continue taking lessons from Lauren for many more years to come and learn as much as I can about the violin.”– Jason M.

“At the age of 54 I decided to purchase a violin and learn to play. I found Lauren Cauley and could not be more pleased with her!! She has taught me so much in my first four weeks. She’s patient with me and encourages me when I get discouraged with my playing. She is quick to answer the numerous questions I have. She is an extremely talented musician with a talent for teaching. She pushes me in my weekly assignments and ensures I’ve mastered one level before we move to the next. Thanks Lauren!!” – Mary N.

“Definitely, Lauren has taken my older daughter’s violin practice to a new level. She has improved a lot, from posture to techniques and most important she enjoys being challenged by Lauren and is eager to play new songs. Now, my youngest daughter is learning too and she is always looking forward to her lessons and to show us her progress. Seeing that enjoyment from them, I decided to learn to play violin too. Lauren has a lot of patient explaining to us from the very basic techniques and is very encouraging and supportive. Thanks Lauren!”– Carla H.


Please inquire directly for lesson rates/availability.